Monobor-Chlorate Now ! What ???????

Now is the very best time to apply a granular vegetation killer to control those pesky spring and summer weeds.  A 20 lb pail will effectively cover an area up to 1,000 sq.ft.  Use it around or near asphalt, buildings, concrete, ditch banks, fence lines, gravel driveways, patios, picnic areas, sidewalks, storage yards, and vacant lots.  The best scenario is to apply just before a rain storm or while there is a little snow on the ground.  In order to work effectively is must be incorporated into the soil BEFORE the weed seeds begin to germinate in the early spring.  Monobor-Chlorate provides a non-selective kill of weeds and grasses with a single treatment.

Stop by our store and talk with one of our several professionals who can provide you with more information on this “ready to use” product.

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